Part of the Parent'sClick network, the Mother'sClick website is a social networking site built on the Drupal platform, and providing a platform for mothers to interact through blog posts, forums, photos, discussions, recipes, reviews, classified ads, activities and more. Makes extensive use of Drupal's Organic Groups module, which allows mothers to create their own special interest groups which other mothers can join and interact through.

From the Mother'sClick website:

" is the world's first social network and online service provider developed exclusively for active moms and their groups. It's a free online tool designed to be a unique parenting resource, helping moms to promote group-building, knowledge-sharing, and community.

In other words, we've built a unique system to provide a dynamic online infrastructure that can be used by new and existing groups, clubs and organizations for moms - without having to give up control of anything.

Most importantly, MothersClick is not intended to replace the "human touch" of moms gathering together in person. To the contrary, we use technology to simplify our lives by providing greater value for our time spent online. For example, one of the main advantages of our system is the ability for mothers to communicate with others outside of their group, regardless of geography. The sharing of "mommy wisdom" is truly global, and I see that as one of our greatest strengths. Currently, there's no easy way for a mom in one group to find and ask a question of another group, let's say from San Francisco to New York, or vice versa. Even internationally. We provide that functionality, while each group still remains autonomous, private and secure.

Another powerful feature of our application is the ability for new moms to easily find and join a group by location or interests, as well as start their own. MothersClick is not another group email provider. It's the logical next step for building and growing our community. Groups may decide whether they want to be public or private, and each shall managed by the founding group manager. Every group created on MothersClick will operate independently, and we shall exercise no control over membership."