Portfolio of websites


Providing Drupal consulting support and specialized Drupal development. Specific tasks include converting new design into a Drupal theme, training an intern in taxonomy(categories), views and CCK modules (and Drupal concepts), creating a custom newsletter module that plugs in to the simplenews module so that content items may be selected for inclusion in a newsletter. Also created a conferences module which allows for the organisation to provide a platform for other NGO's to advertise conferences, and to publish conference materials. The Women'sNet website was a winner in the 2008 NGO Web Awards: "Judges described the Women’sNet website as interactive, accessible and fun. 'Once you land on the homepage, you immediately realise that you have visited a feminist organisation that utilises ICT to further its feminist agenda. It works perfectly,' says Butjwana Seokoma, SANGONeT information coordinator." Women’sNet is a feminist organisation that works to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Montagu Homes

Conversion of existing static website for Montagu Properties to a Drupal content management system (CMS). The new site allows them to add new property developments (including all associated materials such as architect site plans, layouts, property photos), news and to maintain other static website content. Strategy includes the improvement of search engine result placement. Montagu Property Group offers diversified services to clients, investors and professionals in the property industry.

Lawyers for Human Rights

Drupal based content management system allowing the maintaining and growing of project related resources, including cases, judgements, policies and publications. Site developed for Lawyers for Human Rights NGO (non governmental organisation), South Africa. Lawyers for Human Rights is an independent human rights organisation with a thirty-year track record of human rights activism and public interest litigation in South Africa. LHR provides free legal services to poor and indigent people from six law clinics around the country.

Cooperative and Policy Alternative Center (COPAC)

Drupal based content management system for NGO (non governmental organisation) allowing for the adding of news, events, publications and links by the site administrator. Automatic resizing of images is performed, and all content automatically appears in the correct place on the website. The vision of this website is to promote the cooperative idea, worker cooperative movement building and cooperative sector development in South African society and on the African continent.

Accents International

Clean corporate website that provides clients with an overview of the company, what services they provide and their portfolio of existing clients.