Portfolio of websites

Montagu Property Group Resales Website

Property website to showcase properties for sale. Client has the ability to completely manage the properties that get displayed on the site - property images are automatically resized, and the client can modify all property information themselves. Properties can be sorted by price, as well as by the number of bedrooms. The client also has the ability to choose a single property to be the current week's featured property. Someone interested in a property can fill in a form on the website that gets emailed to the client with the prospective buyers details.

Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN)

Conversion of existing custom built CMS to Drupal. New system allows people to apply for organisation membership, which if approved (after passing through a custom workflow path) will enable the person to upload new research papers, and update their research profile details on the site. Members are also allowed to create events and to download additional research data.

Jackal Creek Rewards programme

Drupal website for Montagu Properties enabling users to register and recommend potential property buyers to the company. Workflow system enables the processing of these referrals and the automated assigning of rewards based on the number of successful referrals. Client can track all stages of a referral, and can download composite referral data in excel format.


Converted existing website to Drupal and added new functionality. Project involved providing wireframes of the entire new site, creation of new content types and associated templates, conversion of design into a drupal theme, creation of multiple views to display the content, a small workflow component for processing and tracking of funding applications, and providing training to the client in the management of the content. Final website displays ComMark programmes and projects with associated publications, news and events, as well as allowing project implementers to track funding applications, and submit regular project documentation. Incorporates Google maps of project implementer locations. ComMark aims to reduce poverty in the region by putting into practice the development approach known as ’making markets work for the poor’, or MMW4P, which has become increasingly prominent within the international development community.


Providing Drupal consulting support and specialized Drupal development. Specific tasks include converting new design into a Drupal theme, training an intern in taxonomy(categories), views and CCK modules (and Drupal concepts), creating a custom newsletter module that plugs in to the simplenews module so that content items may be selected for inclusion in a newsletter. Also created a conferences module which allows for the organisation to provide a platform for other NGO's to advertise conferences, and to publish conference materials. The Women'sNet website was a winner in the 2008 NGO Web Awards: "Judges described the Women’sNet website as interactive, accessible and fun. 'Once you land on the homepage, you immediately realise that you have visited a feminist organisation that utilises ICT to further its feminist agenda. It works perfectly,' says Butjwana Seokoma, SANGONeT information coordinator." Women’sNet is a feminist organisation that works to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).