Portfolio of websites

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration

IABUK Drupal 8 website home page

I was contracted by LAB to manage the migration of content from the old IAB website (Drupal 7) to an under construction, Drupal 8, IAB UK website. I successfully set up and ran migrations for 16 Drupal 7 content types (including some with field collections), to some fairly complex, paragraph based, new Drupal 8 content types. This included document and image migration, as well as taxonomy migration. Some custom migration plugins had to be created to convert data from the old site into the correct format that the new site required. A detailed migration mapping research phase provided the basis from which the migration YAML files were constructed.

Demos (Hemsley Fraser France)

Demos Drupal 7 website home page

At the beginning of November 2017, I was contracted by LAB to work on the Hemsley Fraser France website (https://www.demos.fr/). The work was primarily focused on the discovery and display of the catalogue of courses offered. This involved setting up of the ajax enabled course search, and using the Search API to provide more advanced course search capability, as well as integrating with views.

The display of courses by category was implemented using a multi-level, custom javascript menu.

The course category explorer from the UK site was modified to work with the French site course taxonomy system.

Local development was done in a Docker environment.

Music In Africa

Music In Africa Music page

The Music In Africa site is an extensive social media website for African music industry players (artists and other music industry professionals). Charles was contracted to assist with the development of the site, in particular the music player and the video components of the site, as well as the setup of the music page itself. In addition, Charles provides ongoing support and new feature development. The latest feature added was the conference section.


Rossco home page with slideshow

Product website for ceramics business. Allows the client to add new products, including product description, dimensions and image. Incorporates product listing pages by product category, portfolio of past clients as well as a blog. All product and portfolio images are automatically resized for the client upon upload, and all large popup images are automatically generated when required. Initially built using Drupal 6, but recently upgraded to Drupal 8.


NGO Pulse portal (current home page)

The NGO Pulse portal was built using Drupal and makes extensive use of Organic Groups and Panels. Content from an existing Joomla website was converted to Drupal using custom PHP scripts which imported the data into the Drupal database. An image gallery carousel allows users to scroll through images associated with articles/groups. Users can register on the site to post comments, participate in discussions and create blogs.

The NGO Pulse Portal and the weekly NGO Pulse e-newsletter provide a gateway to the South African NGO sector. Its four main objectives are to develop the institutional capacity of the NGO sector through providing information that supports stronger management practises; map NGOs and their activities through Prodder , the most comprehensive database of its kind in Africa; create a community space for civil society exchange; and promote the benefits of ICTs in support of the work of civil society through the SANGOTeCH Technology Donation Portal . The portal provides NGOs with a mechanism to air their views, while also creating the opportunity for other stakeholders to critique and evaluate the sector. It has become a marketplace where services can be procured and exchanged. It also provides SANGONeT with a strategic mechanism to communicate its activities and services to the NGO sector and other development stakeholders.