Some time off, and a shift in focus towards the environment

Submitted by Charles on Sun, 09/02/2018 - 14:32

Having taken some time off to reflect on work, life, and the work of my life, I feel a strong pull towards working on projects that have a measurable positive environmental impact.

Since I started working full time on building websites some 18 years ago, I have been kept busy by a continuous stream of new and existing clients who have provided me with many opportunities to learn and grow. But, being always occupied with other people’s work and priorities, I never found, or more accurately, I never made the space to think about my own motivations and goals, and what I’d like to contribute to the world personally. So when my last set of contracts completed, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to take some time off to create some space for reflection.

During my sabbatical I listened to a discussion on climate change and read a book which opened my eyes to the environmental cost of our consumer culture. I’ve always had a deep connection with nature, and over the years this love and awe of our natural world has become an ever stronger presence. This natural affinity and passion, coupled with a growing awareness of the harm that we as humans are doing to our environment leads me to want to be more proactive about using my experience, *training, and skills to help where I can.

Right now this means that I would like to work with organisations and companies that are part of the solution. As a Drupal specialist, I am first and foremost looking to those who use Drupal in some way, but I am also open to working with other technology stacks and am looking into the new breed of tech pioneers (e.g. for inspiration, direction, and synergies.

I also am aware that one can make a real difference by doing work that one is suited to and skilled at, and then donating to worthy (and effective) causes, as outlined by Will Macaskill in his "Effective altruism" movement and the 80 000 hours site, so am still open to stimulating work where I can use my existing skills, excel at, and which also pays well ;-)

*I also have a biological sciences background, with a Zoology and Entomology undergrad, and a Wildlife Management Honours degree.