Drupal Cape Town Meetup 22 February 2017

Submitted by Charles on Wed, 02/22/2017 - 19:39

The first Drupal Cape Town meetup of 2017 took place at the Bandwidth Barn on the 22nd of February 2017.

Dane kicked things off with a showcase of custom accommodation booking module for he built in Drupal 8 for a client that has four guesthouses, due to their being no solution in the Drupal contrib ecosystem that met the clients requirements. Currently, the Rooms module for Drupal 7 hasn't been ported to Drupal 8. His module (suite of 5 modules in total) provides the content type, others perform various functions. Can set up seasons (rates per period), promo codes, has deposit settings, time period for when bookings without deposits lapse and much more: Email templates with custom tokens, graphs for occupancy, bookings per month and revenue. Uses chart.js for the graphs; Views using the rest api to provide json for the calendar (calendar built with FullCalendar.io); REST module and Serializer module built into D8 core provides the json. Waxed lyrical about Drupal console and using it to generate blocks, forms etc.

See Drupal Console Commands and DrushCommands.com.

After Dane's talk, Jason from Amazee spoke about the year ahead for our Cape Town community.

Other topics discussed:

  • Challenge of training Drupal talent in Cape Town and how to grow and teach the community.
  • Johan from Western Cape Government spoke about the dissolving of DASA (Drupal Association of South Africa).
  • the Drupal Camp Cape Town - scheduled for October 2017.
  • Slack channel for the local community.
  • Suggestions for approaching schools for Camp venue.

Food and Drinks sponsored by Amazee Labs <3