The illusion of freedom and control in our modern technology (phones, apps and social media websites)

Submitted by Charles on Sat, 05/13/2017 - 16:12

The makers of the many of the apps and probably all of the social media websites we use (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube) don't have our best interests at heart, and are designed to keep us within their environments for as long as they can, and to make sure we come back often. This shouldn't come as a surprise, when most of the business models are advertising based, and more time spent = more advertising revenue potential.

In his article: "How technology is hijacking your mind", Tristan Harris (of Time Well Spent) outlines the techniques used by our devices, apps and social media websites control us, while we maintain the illusion of control and freedom of choice.

To hear more from Tristan, take a listen to this conversation with the super-awesome philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris, in the podcast episode "What is technology doing to us?".

For a way to take back some control, check out this article which allows you to cut back on unnecessary distractions in email and social media, so that you can manage your most valuable non-renewable resource, time, more effectively.