Drush 12 removes the "--no-post-updates" option from the drush updb command

Submitted by charles on

Drush 12 no longer uses the "--no-post-updates" option in the drush updb command. This means that you won't be able to run database updates from drush without triggering the post update hooks.

If you rely on the database update command in any of your deployment scripts, perhaps because you want to run them after normal update hooks have been run and config imported, and you are using the --no-post-updates option, then you should probably move to using HOOK_deploy_NAME() and then add the drush deploy:hook  to your deployment script. Or just use the drush deploy command: which runs the following commands:

drush updatedb --no-cache-clear
drush cache:rebuild
drush config:import
drush cache:rebuild
drush deploy:hook